Solar Bankers

Jun 2, 2021

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Solar Bankers Coin launches on the Binance Smart Chain

June 2021

Today is the day! The Solar Bankers Coin is finally live on the Binance Smart Chain! The launch of SLB on the BSC chain is aimed at providing the community with access to decentralized exchanges (like Pancake Swap) and their automatic market-making functionalities.

From now on, SLB will coexist on two different chains: Skyfiber and BSC. If you own SLB on Sky, you can request a swap by following the directions at this link. The swap is currently processed manually, but we are working to deploy an interface to allow for instant swap. Note that no extra SLB coins were created in this process. For every coin that is issued on the BSC chain, one coin is removed from circulation on the Skyfiber blockchain.

Smart Contract address: 0xbd8ed0bd5733fd2950662a08187b66cf68eeeb4c

Trade SLB on Pancake Swap:

To find SLB on Pancake Swap, copy-paste its smart contract address on the PS interface. Liquidity is available on the SLB-BUSD pair.

Price chart:

We encourage our community to participate in trading activities and to provide liquidity. For any question, please contact us on Telegram.

Have a sunny day!

Solar Bankers Team