Solar Bankers Distributed Cloud System is live!!

The Solar Bankers Team is excited to announce that the company’s distributed cloud storage system is finally live and available to the public. The system can be installed on any desktop device (Windows, Mac and Linux) and downloads are available at this link together with detailed installation tutorials.

The Solar Bankers storage system is a distributed network for storing and accessing files, data and applications. The data uploaded on the system is not stored on a single server, but rather distributed on several nodes, each with its own storage capacity. Given its distributed nature, the Solar Bankers system does not have a single point of failure and is thus more resilient to attacks and accidents compared to standard centralized systems. In addition, it is faster than a conventional centralized system as files can be retrieved from someone nearby instead of hundreds or thousands of miles away.

The release of the Solar Bankers storage system marks also an important milestone for our coin. Starting now, the SLB will gain an actual utility as users will be able to pay the subscription to the company’s cloud system with their SLBs. In our view, this will lead to a greater demand of the coin and ultimately increase its liquidity as we start building a solid infrastructure around it.

For further details on our distributed cloud system, read our FAQs or contact us on Telegram.