Dear Community,

Hope the sun is shining in your life and you have a smile on your face. This blogpost is to update you on what is going on behind the curtains at Solar Bankers.

Buckle up and let’s get started!

Seed fundraiser in collaboration with Pecunio

As announced back at the end of June (, Solar Bankers is conducting a private seed fundraiser targeting angel investors, VCs and family offices. The purpose of the fundraiser is to fuel the launch of the second SLB public sale, which will take the form of an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). This endeavour is being conducted with the assistance of Pecunio (, which helped the company in compiling its investor documentation and also provided access to a large database of investors. At this stage, a first group of investors was contacted and discussions with interested parties are ongoing. We expect to have a concrete engagement from investors in the near to medium future.

Initial Exchange Offering: market analysis with the IBC Group

While moving forward with its seed fundraiser, Solar Bankers is conducting a market analysis to choose the most suitable strategy for its future IEO. To assist the company in this undertaking, Dr. Maragliano has established a contact with the IBC Group (, a global leader in launching public fundraisers. In the coming months, IBC will provide its support and technical expertise to successfully execute the Solar Bankers’ IEO.

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