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2 min readAug 28, 2020


August 2020

Dear Community,

Hope the sun is shining in your life. This blog post is to update you on what is happening in the Solar Bankers world. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Solar Bankers receives grant for Perovskite project

Solar Bankers was awarded yet another grant from the Turkish government to test its proprietary optical technology in combination with Perovskite solar cells. Perovskites are a class of materials that have shown to be very promising for photovoltaic applications. For more information about Perovskite solar cells, click here: The project, conducted in collaboration with Dr. Emre Sari, aims at prototyping a solar module comprising of Solar Bankers holographic film and Perovskite solar cells.

Solar Bankers signs strategic partnership agreement with Asay Enerjy

Solar Bankers is pleased to announce that a partnership agreement was recently signed with Asay Enerjy. Asay is a leading company in the area of Smart Electricity Networks and IoT devices. The scope of the partnership is to work together towards the completion of the Energy Trading Platform pilot project, currently ongoing in the Izmir Institute of Technology. In addition, Solar Bankers is now officially a reseller of Asay’s IoT devices and will work with the Asay team to boost the sales of smart meters and smart home systems. Finally, the partnership with Asay will enable Solar Bankers to tap into its network of investors and partners (Asay’s partners include Microsoft, Turkcell, and Vestel Ventures). For more info about Asay Enerjy, visit their website at

Solar Nodes are on their way to becoming smarter

The Solar Bankers team is working hard to deliver new products and improve on the existing ones. We are developing a dedicated OS for the Solar Nodes that will allow users to set up their device directly from their mobile phone or computer, without the need for HDMI connection. We will have more to come on this in the coming weeks.