Solar Bankers

Mar 9, 2021

2 min read

Solar Bankers Update

February-March 2021

Dear Community,

Hope the sun is shining in your life and you are doing well. This blog post is to update you on what is happening in the Solar Bankers world. So, let’s get straight into it!

Energy trading platform: almost ready for the pilot test phase

We are excited to announce that the development of the energy trading platform (and relative infrastructure) is almost completed. The Solar Bankers team is working on the clock together with our partners to finalize the last steps of the project before moving to the pilot test phase. The actual trading interface is complete (see old update: link), while smart meters were installed and are working as expected. The team is currently perfecting the API integration between smart meters and the trading interface. We expect the pilot test phase to start in the coming months.

Solar Bankers’ Photovoltaic modules: equity and debt financing to set up a manufacturing line

Our team is having advanced discussions with multiple funds to complete a funding round that would allow Solar Bankers to set up a manufacturing line of its proprietary solar modules. At this stage, we cannot reveal the name of the entities involved, but we can say that financers from both Europe and Asia are interested in being part of this project. We hope to have more conclusive news to share in the coming months.

Solar Bankers Coin (SLB) Trading: Binance Smart Chain & Pancake Swap?

The Solar Bankers Team has been exploring the possibility of moving the SLB coin to another chain so that we can list the coin on a decentralized exchange with automatic market maker functionality. By doing so, community members will be able to provide liquidity to the market and get rewarded for doing so. The goal of such an initiative is to increase the liquidity around the SLB coin. We recently launched a poll on our Telegram channel, asking the community for the platform of their preference. So far, the winning platform is the Binance Smart Chain. We will keep the poll open for a few weeks longer to let other community members express their opinion. After that, we will move on with the platform with the most votes.