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Jul 28, 2020

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Solar Bankers Update

July 2020

Dear Community,

Hope the sun is shining in your life. This blog post is to update you on what is happening in the Solar Bankers world.

First of all, we would like to apologize for the long silence. Solar Bankers has gone through a substantial restructuring since our last update and this has taken most, if not all, of our time. Furthermore, the Covid19 pandemic has slowed down the process and has made communication with the community more difficult. As things are now getting better all over the world, we are here to renew the commitment towards our community and to update you on Solar Bankers’ latest progress.


In the coming weeks, Mr. Ilkin Albayrak will take the role of CEO, and Dr. Maragliano will go back to his original position of CTO. Mr. Ilkin has been involved with Solar Bankers since 2017 when the company opened his branch in Turkey. Mr. Albayrak is an experienced business developer, with an outstanding record of success in several domains including technology and energy. Mr. Ilkin holds a major in Business Administration, Economics, and International Finance.

The change in the organisational structure of the company is already reflected on (the Turkish version of the website) and will be soon updated on In the coming future, we plan to join the two websites under a single domain.


The work surrounding the Solar Bankers Energy Trading Platform has seen a substantial acceleration since the beginning of the year. In January, Solar Bankers was awarded a grant from the Turkish government to support the development of the platform. Since then, we have achieved the following goals:

  • Smart meters and IoT devices were installed in our offices in Izmir, Turkey, to allow the monitoring of the production/consumption of energy. See the pictures below for proof.

In the coming weeks, the very same devices will be installed in the building in front of our office to enable the creation of the network (two nodes to start with).

  • An alpha version of the platform was developed and is currently under testing. See pictures of the frontend.


Solar Bankers was also the receiver of a second governmental grant. These funds (approximately 40k USD) will be allocated towards the final steps of the development of the Solar Bankers modules. Within this project, the company will collaborate with Dr. Emre Sari, professor at the Izmir Institute of Technology, and his team.